Love Letters



It was with a lot of excitement that I found out last week that I’ll be joining the Juliet Club in Verona as one of their writers for two weeks in early 2017. Every year, the Juliet Club receives thousands of love letters addressed to Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, and every letter is responded to, by hand, by one of the staff writers. Ever since I heard about this, I wanted to take part and just can’t wait!

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The Juliet Club

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always been a sucker for the love letter. In our times, when most proclamations of eternal devotion are sent as Facebook messages or perhaps an email if you’re feeling particularly amorous, I believe the handwritten love letter should be celebrated. I’ve written a few in my time, some of which were never sent, some of which were, and I’ve even received a few… There is something so special about the time and feeling that goes into composing a heart-felt letter to someone you love, or, as in the case of letters to Juliet- to a universal symbol of love.


Last year, I made a love-letter Christmas calendar to my love- one handwritten letter for each day of December, and that seemed to go down well. (If you’re reading this, I look forward to your version this year, no pressure.) In both of my first novels, I have worked in love letters from one character to another, most of all probably because I love writing them. So, needless to say, I can’t wait to make it my full time job for two whole weeks in the beautiful city of Verona in 2017!