Beating Internet Addiction



Ironically, I’m writing this during my writing time, doing what I always do; write three sentences, take half an hour to check email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, newspapers and blog, write three more sentences, repeat. Yes, sad. These digressions are often triggered by a quick thesaurus search or checking a fact on Google, but I’m then unable to return to the document until I’ve entirely filled my mind with thoughts about what my friends ate for breakfast, how to fix an iPhone in Verbier, how Huvafen Fushi seems like a rather strong contender for bucket list trip after next book sale… So, where does it stop? I’d love to hear from other writers who were web-junkies like me and who managed to stop. I do have pretty good days when I sit somewhere with no wifi, but on other days, I break out in a cold-sweat at the very thought of this…

However, I do secretly blame the fact that this isn’t my office for my lack of concentration:





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