Back in Business


Photo: Tajikistan, Pamir Mountains

So, I took a break. I wrote a book, then I picked it apart, and now I’m putting it back together, but the way it goes with those things is that it becomes a very different novel altogether. I replaced vampires with terrorists, time-travel with coma-musings and moved some locations around, but ultimately the core of the novel is what I intended it to be; a psychological thriller and grief novel, exploring the darkness at the very edge of life.

I recently went away for a week to Dorset for a writing retreat with my very lovely writing group, and it was absolutely amazing. It made me reconnect with the love of my life; fiction writing, reinstating my belief that I can, must and will do this. Spending a week in my own head, figuring out what my second novel is actually about, being surrounded by amazing ladies who share my passion for writing, getting advice from my fantastic friend and mentor, Tricia- it all made such a difference and gave me so much more clarity for the road ahead.

Now all I need to do is make it all come together… Stay tuned..

The Gatwick office .. (below)..


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